Anti-Racism Statement

Summit Community Services (SCS) wholeheartedly embraces a commitment to anti-racism, anti-discrimination, equity, and inclusion for both our dedicated staff and the diverse community of consumers we serve. Our pledge extends beyond mere words – we are dedicated to providing therapeutic services firmly grounded in cultural humility, ensuring that respect for the unique backgrounds of our community remains at the forefront of our practices.

Recognizing the deeply ingrained nature of institutionalized racism within the community mental health system, SCS stands as a beacon for change. We acknowledge that introspection is key, and we, as individuals, practitioners, and contributors to the broader community, vow to continually expand our knowledge, scrutinize our own privilege, and confront outdated systems and practices that perpetuate the status quo.

SCS is committed to being an active listener, an eager learner, and a collaborative partner within our community's shared journey towards anti-racism. We understand that the path to dismantling systemic racism requires collective effort, and we are dedicated to playing our part in fostering a more just and inclusive society.