"What is In Home Therapy (IHT)?"

IHT is a flexible service that allows providers to deliver intensive family therapy to the child or youth in the home, school, or other community settings.  

Who qualifies for IHT?

> Youth under the age of 21

> Youth that are having difficulties with managing their behaviors in multiple settings like home, community, and school

> Youth that present with risky behaviors and/or have experienced significant trauma 

> Youth that are displaying symptoms that meet criteria for a DSM 5 diagnosis and whose diagnosis impacts their daily functioning

What to expect when enrolled in IHT services:

> Team approach consisting of a Master’s level and a Bachelor's level clinician

> Individual sessions for identified youth

> Family therapy sessions

> Parent support sessions

> Connection to other community supports and services

> Collaboration with other supports and providers such as schools, doctors, therapists, etc.

If you feel outpatient therapy isn’t enough to stabilize your child and/or your family, contact us at 

781-269-9788 to make a referral for in-home therapy services.